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Genuine Converse shoes increased within 543 319 545 039 542 428


We all goods are genuine counter , with a small ticket counter (on message ) , you can also invoice ( need to pay
tax ) as fake package delivery .
First, to declare that the shop all the shoes are genuine counter , selling only genuine counter , we were also able to open the special circumstances of small ticket counters .
Some customers will ask how your family cheaper than the counter , because the counter , then some of the stores to pay fees , employee expenses , etc., so the cost will go up , so the price is naturally expensive, but there is a phenomenon that is new counters often do not discount
Some customers will ask your family how to be more expensive than other stores , because we and other home purchase channels are not the same , there are shoes home prices are low , they are either the big sellers , there are hundreds of single day, even thousands of single ,
or is derived from the illegal purchase channels.
So if the price will be much lower.
Quality assurance , then who did not dare .
And our family from informal channels, quality hundred percent assured that I would put here , the shoes you received it, I do not care how you inspection, as long as you have authoritative sources , inspection welcome , as long as fake, I give away ,
I give you the money back in full , the shoes do not have to retreat, complained to Taobao .
( Here I must emphasize , the ignorance of those who do not in the case of sb buyers of goods have not experienced , say like a fake, and I used to buy genuine counter is not the same , those who have to wait for the inspection of the
after longer speak , I said rumor . ) followed by the statement that, Converse shoes just a pair of shoes , do not take him myth .
Shoes in the production process slight excess glue , black spots , thread , tongue uneven ( individual foot problem ) , is in the normal thing, however .
So the above is not a quality problem , if this can not be received , then please venue and counter , the restaurant does not accept perfectionist.
I think there is no perfect thing!
Who is also the same.
counter the new rules, please read carefully , all orders in our family , to support seven days returned unconditionally ( a lot of Converse sellers on Taobao are not
support 7 days unconditional return , and our family can , because they are cooperative and counters , return too much trouble , and we have their own counters , so return is more convenient. ) .
But the freight money themselves , because we can not losing money now!
Is a businessman can understand.
But better to try to counter pro troublesome good size in the coming .
So as not to delay the pro- time , who do not want to spend twice as much time to buy a pair of shoes !
Time is precious .
For two people, so we are good .
Tips: Converse size are Ouma , size larger than the domestic half a yard to a yard ( open laugh , except for skateboard shoes, shoes ) , usually
have to wear Converse , Converse usually wear a few yards , we chose a few yards , did not pass through Converse , recommendations yards to less than half the usual election about a yard , but this year a lot of very special size Converse , shoes are special, it is proposed
they tried to counter the pro- buying to counter tried to prevail.
Size chart just suggestions.
Special Reminder : We have two dozen provinces and cities nationwide and counters ( Beijing , Shanghai , Jiangsu, Guangdong , Changchun, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan , Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang , etc. ) cooperate , so supply was quite adequate , general
do not shop there, our family there , do not store , and our family as well as our strong it !
Each counter has its own cooperation courier companies , courier companies so please to have customer special requirements to spare , we can not specify which express hair, we can only guarantee the delivery will be able to send it to your local ( customers can order message Remarks
which courier can go to , if ordinary express our cooperation is not able to counter your local , we will notify you fill shipping send ems) or sentence, mind express pro , trouble venue and counter direct purchase .
About Delivery time: stock baby usually the same day twelve o'clock the day before the payment can be made ??.
Purchasing baby usually shipped within 24 hours , ( individual transfer payment formula takes about two days shipping on time particularly mind of the customer , please carefully shot , if you can send urgent SF . All customers as heavy !!! ) we compared the pro-
more anxious , more hope for an early delivery, so I hope that parents can understand.
Thank you .
particular emphasis on: the baby photographed , you agree to what I have said .
Please do not trouble us during the refund for goods purchasing , thank you.
I hope our work is not easy to understand .

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